How I Can Help You-

Step One -Consultation Appointment

This is the first step, and honestly one of my favorites! This will be an in person or virtual (zoom) meeting where we will discuss your session in detail, and I can help you create exactly what you are imagining.

We will also discuss my product pricing and all of the beautiful art pieces you will receive after your session. We will also book the date and time that your session will take place, and set up a viewing date as well!

Step Two -

Your Session

Most sessions take anywhere from 2-3 hours on our pre-scheduled appointment date. During your session, we will have fun and really make some memories that you will be able to cherish for a lifetime.

Step Three -Viewing Appointment

Approximately one to two weeks after your session, we will sit down together and have a preview of your images. This is where you will be able to hand select the images and choose what kind of artwork you would like to have made from them!

This can be done in my studio, a public place or at your home where I would be able to show you how your images could look on your very own walls.

Step Four - Receiving your Products

This is the happiest day for me, the day your products come in and you are able to feel the physical products in your hands. Your walls will be able to visually tell the stories of your life and family, and forever your future generations will be able to cherish the same.

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